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Privacy Policy

privacy policy This privacy policy of personal data (Policy) applies to all data that comes from the User and can be received (transmitted) by Ilift LLC, (ILYFT), through the use of the website. The site is located on the unique domain name http://ilyft.ru/ (iLyft site), including on its subdomains and (or) software services (Software package). 1. Basic concepts 1.1. Basic concepts of the ILYFT Policy: (a) "Site Technical Support" (Technical Support) - entities empowered to operate the iLyft Site on behalf of ILYFT (b) "Personal data" - all data that relates to the User (c) "Processing of personal data" - all operations that are performed with the personal data of the User, through automatic technical solutions or without them, including the collection, storage, modification and deletion of personal data (d) "Confidentiality of personal data" - ensuring proper protection and storage of the User's Personal data in order to prevent the User's Personal data from leaking without his consent, or without grounds under the law (e) "iLyft Site" - web pages that are linked to each other, located on the network at: http://ilyft.ru/, and subdomains (f) "Subdomains" - a domain that is part of an upstream domain that belongs to the iLyft Site (g) "Site User" (User) - an entity using the iLyft Site via the Internet, as well as the products of the Software Package (h) "Cookies" are files on the user's computer. When the site is opened, they are sent to the server in a request - HTTP (i) "IP address" - a numeric identifier within a computer network. Used to provide access to the iLyft Site 2. Basic concepts 2.1. If the User uses the iLyft Site and (or) the Software Package, this means that he fully and unconditionally agrees with this Policy and the terms on which the User's personal data is processed 2.2. If the User does not agree with this Policy, then he needs to stop using the iLyft Site and (or) the Software 2.3. ILYFT may receive personal data about the User from Partners (hereinafter referred to as Partners), services, programs or Software complexes of which the User uses by registering and (or) performing authorization in the Partner's software package and agreeing with the Partner's Policy. The transfer of Personal Information is carried out only within the framework of the norms that are approved by law and is possible only on the basis of agreements between ILYFT and each of the Partners 3. Legal basis and purpose of the policy Measures to protect the User's Personal Data is an extremely important part of the ILYFT Operation Policy. Therefore, ILYFT stores and processes the User's Personal Data in strict accordance with the applicable laws. ILYFT seeks to inform the User as transparently as possible, in full on the following points:       (a) What kind of data is collected and processed by ILYFT       (b) Under what conditions the data is processed       (c) How ILYFT collects, uses (processes), stores and protects User data (d) User rights (e) What is the role and responsibilities of ILYFT and the limitations of ILYFT's liability 4. Subject of the policy 4.1. Technical support undertakes to ensure confidentiality and not to disclose the User's data provided by the User during registration / authorization on the iLyft Website and (or) in the Software Package. Including the data that is provided when subscribing to the newsletter by electronic means of communication or by other software products 4.2. Personal data about the user, within the framework of this Policy, is sent by the User at the moment when the User fills out the form on the iLyft Website and (or) the Software Package. Personal data includes: (a) Data that is indicated in the registration / authorization forms on the site and (or) the Software complex (name, contact details) (b) Electronic data (cookies, HTTP headers, IP address, browser ID) (c) Date and time of registration / authorization on the iLyft Website and (or) the Software Package, duration and activity of use (d) User's location data (e) Data that is automatically loaded at the time of using the iLyft Site and (or) the software package with bookmarks (cookies) (f) Other data about the User, which are necessary for work, in accordance with the terms of use of the iLyft Website and (or) the Software complex (g) Data about the User that ILYFT may receive from its Partners, in accordance with the terms of agreements concluded between the User and another Partner, as well as agreements between ILYFT and each of the Partners 4.3. If the User blocks the sending of cookies, this will lead to restricting access to that part of the site for which authorization is required 4.4. The iLyft website and (or) the Software complex collects data on the IP addresses of Users. The data is used for the following purposes - to